Need Reassurance:)


Quick Note, I am only 2 dpt and am thinking I should “feel” something…please reassure me that I may not feel anything at all:) I feel totally fine and am beginning to convince myself that’s not good, I know sounds weird.


I didn’t feel anything at all until 5dpt and I have :preg::preg: cooking in there. You’re definitely too early, :cross::cross: for you!


You should not be feeling anything at this point, even if you were it would likely be side effects of the drugs. Good luck to you!


It’s definitely too early, but I know how easy it is to torture yourself! I went through the same thought process during my cycle when I woke up one morning feeling completely normal after having been bloated and crampy the days before. I was sure it didn’t work, but the fact is it did work, I just didn’t have any symptoms or any feeling of being pg until sometime after beta. Hang in there!


Thanks ladies, I know I am over thinking it:)


I did not feel anything until the day of my beta. I was convinced I was feeling AF cramps. I know how you feel, I’m currently in the 2WW and still thinking I wish I was feeling something, even though I know I did not on my succesful cycle.