Need some advice regarding IUI w/o bw or prometrium


Hi Ladies,

I had my first IUI on Monday 11/1. I had 4 mature follies and my DH’s counts post-wash were 47 mil with 86% motility. I did two unmonitored cycles of clomid back in April & May and both were :bfn:

This cycle I took 100mg of clomid on CD3-7. I have noticed so many women on here who have had bw done before and after the IUI and are taking prometrium and other meds after as well. I am not taking anything and have not had any bw done.

I am just looking for some reassuring words that it can be successful this way. I came to my RE with all of my test results that my OB had done over the past two years. I don’t know if that’s why they have not done any bw or have me taking prometrium.

:babydust: to us ALL!!


My RE had me on 50mg of clomid on cdays 3-7. I didn’t do any blood work or trigger shot, just called when I got my + OPK, and went in for IUI the next day. Afterwards I wasn’t on any meds, I just called them on 14dpiui to let them know if I had a positive or negative HPT. If it was positive, then they scheduled me for b/w, otherwise we started over with a new cycle.

When I went in for my 2nd IUI, it ended up being canceled b/c my DH had a kidney infection and my RE wouldn’t proceed with his sample b/c there was a large possiblity I would get an infection also, since the IUI puts the sperm into the uterus, bypassing the body’s normal defense system. I was upset, and had been reading on these boards how everyone else was getting u/s done and trigger shots, etc. So I asked my RE why I wasn’t. She basically told me that I could have the u/s and trigger shot done if I wanted to, it would give them useful information about how many follies, their sizes, etc., but it really wouldn’t increase my chances of conceiving, but the cost would increase considerably.

After she explained it to me, it did make me feel better. I actually ended up getting :preg: without the IUI that cycle, but I know that had I needed to keep going, she would be willing to try new things and add to my protocol, but at this point it simply wasn’t necessary. You might want to discuss this with your RE, b/c I know it definitely reassured me. It can be successful with the regime your RE has you on, otherwise they wouldn’t have you doing it! Good luck and I hope and :pray: you get your BFP so very soon!!:grouphug:



I agree with what AB123 said. A lot of REs don’t do bloodwork throught IUI cycles (I haven’t had bloodwork done either).

It sounds like you had some great specs on this last cycle with the # of follies and your husband’s sample, so that looks really promising. If you get a BFN, then do what AB123 suggests and ask your RE if you should change things up for next time just to put your mind at ease.
Good luck!



I had the same question because I myself wasnt on proestrogen supplements and did not have blood work either. I spoke with my re about this today.

He told me that with the size of my follies at cd 12 (which indicate high proestrogen by the size) and the fact that both my femara and ovidrel shot are proestrogen increasing agents… He did not feel it was necassary for anymore.

I hope this helps… but when it doubt … ask!

Good Luck :slight_smile:



Thank you for your replies. I feel better knowing that other women have been through this too. I agree that if I don’t get my :bfp: this cycle, I will ask next cycle. I :pray: that won’t be necessary. I’m so thankful I have you women as support through this journey.