Need support


Hi…I’m new to this site. I need support…I think the 2ww is going to kill me!! I had my first IUI yesterday morning…and I took a HPT tonight! I know it’s extrememly to early but with the faint positive I got on the test I’m so excited, even though I know there is no way I could be pregnant already.

I guess I need other people to tell me they did the same thing so I’m not just the only crazy person in the world :pray:

I totally know the :bfp: was because of the Ovidrel I took Thursday night.

So I hope to hear from other impatient ladies


I know of others who tested right after the IUI (knowing it was the trigger) just to see that second line.


Maybe that’s what I needed to see…that famous 2nd line…did your friends end up pregnant?