need support ...


Hi Ladies,
Have no idea what’s going on… Have a beautiful girl (6 yrs). TTC for the 2nd one for the past 3 yrs. Have had 1 cycle of clomid, 1 cycle of ovadrel, i cycle of clomid with IUI.
Dont know if its time to step up to do IVF??
Does anyone know good doctors for BIVF/RSC in the Boston area?

Pleeeeease let me know??
Feel like i am the only one here!!


So sorry you are going through this!
I think it depends on your age, history, and diagnosis whether or not it is time for IVF. In my case I was “unexplained infertility” and for quite some time and I am under 35 so they recommended doing at least 3 IUI’s before moving onto IVF. I ended up doing 5 IUI’s, 3 with Clomid and 2 with Injectable meds before deciding it was time for me to go to IVF.

For some women moving onto IVF sooner is the better course of action. I would discuss the pros and cons of doing more IUI’s or IVF with your doctor. Best of luck to you! :babydust: :babydust:


3 years seems like a really long time. I’d suggest you move on to IVF but again, it depends on your age and other factors (insurance coverage?, finances, are you under or over 40? etc)

I had no choice and in my first attempt in my entire life of trying to have a baby, have had to go straight to IVF since #1 I am 40 and #2 my husband had a vasectomy which he doesn’t want to reverse. So we had no choice but to do IVF to get pregenant. Overall it has been okay… except for the $ (over $30K NOT covered by insurance, and we are NOT rich folks; my husband is terriified we are going to go bankrupt if we have to do more cycles) oh and the stress (caused mainly by the $). When I am done with all of this, I am going to start lobbying the insurance companies on the HORRENDOUS state of not covering IVF. It’s

We are praying that the 1st time works (waiting for pregnancy test on 12/13) but know that is not 100% realistic. Although my sister did have her 3 kids, and my mom her 4 almost all i the 1st try…

This is all to say that there are a lot of options out there, if you can afford them. My biggest concern would be waiting too long, and you wishing you had started earlier…

I guess that’s my 2 cents.

Best of luck to you,
Stay strong!


I go to UMass in Worcester for my labs and ultrasounds and went to RSC in Lexington for my ER and ET. I really thought they were top notch at RSC. I have been TTC for 11 years. RSC did get me pregnant but I had an early miscarriage which I believe was due to stress. I am going to go through IVF again and RSC will be doing the ER & ET again. Lexington is close to Boston so you might want to consider them. I can’t remember the Dr.'s names there but I was very happy with them. Best of luck to you!


My RE told me that your chances of getting preggo after 3 IUIs drops drastically and that after 3 is the time to move on to IVF. The thought is, that if 3 IUI’s didn’t get the job done, your problem is something else that IUI won’t be helped by. There are stats available on some websites that show pregnancy rates on IUI attempts #1-#5 and you can see clearly what he’s talking about.

The thing is though, much depends on how you’ve done these IUI’s. Au Naturel or are you getting an HCG trigger shot? Clomid/femera helping you out or are you ovulating on your own? It looks like you’ve done a few cycles on drugs, but only one IUI? If that’s correct, I’d do two more cycles, medicated, with the HCG trigger shot, and then I’d move on to IVF. Trust me, you don’t want to do IVF if there’s a chance you could luck out on IUI.

Best wishes to you!!