Need to vent before I explode


So we have all been have all been here. Right in the middle of the dreaded 2WW and absolutely worried and freaking out.

I think it’s because I know this is realistically our try. Not because of cost but more that I can’t keep putting my body through this and my DH can’t stand to see me suffer.

So this time it’s been kinda the same but different. I had cramping and discomfort. I have had one bad day of nausea and my boobs are really sore. But for the most part I feel fine and normal. Last time I had a lot more cramping and at this point I started to get really tired.

I know it’s too early… I know that every time can be different… I know the hormones can make you feel all this. And that is what is so cruel.

I am 7dp3dt of two perfect grade a eight cells that had assisted hatching done. I’m so hopeful but yet so worried. This road here is never a cake walk but this time it’s been a lot smoother. But the memory of last time is still so fresh. The feeling bad, the low betas, the constant cramping and in the end the miscarriage. I often say that i wished I would have just gotten the BFN because the loss was so hard. But now I find myself just as sacred of the BFN as I am of the miscarriage.

Oh… And I want to start the POAS obsession but once again it’s way to early and i know it will be negative this early.

Thank you for all the support.


Just was to say I am soooo sorry for you lost. I know nothing is more unbearable then facing a miscarriage.
All the dreams and hope is unfairly taken away. I must say though looking at it positively your eggs are getting better they are implanting and you have two perfect 8 cells embryo inside of you.

Definitely way too early to be testing. What usually helps me is to keep busy keeping my mind occupied so I don’t think about it too much !!! No way we can’t !!

Wishing you loads of baby dust !!! Hope God bless you with one healthy baby this Easter!!


I am really trying. We have had a really busy weekend with family and social commitments. But the more I try to just live my normal life the more I think about things when I get home. But I’m trying to stay positive. Pray a lot, and most of all keep focused on the prize.


so sorry for your loss, heres hoping that something happy is coming your way! i’m still leaning the terminology but 2 healthy embryo’s sounds good! maybe start a new project like sewing or gardening or something to get you through the horrible 2 week wait
good luck!! x


Hoping you are coping ok -when is your beta ?


My beta is on Friday. And after this weekend I may take time off from work to take It easy.