Needing some information and encouragement


Hi again…

I’m new to the forums. I just had my first IUI done on the 15th (the hCG shot was given on the 13th). I am just feeling so many things right now and I have so many questions! Is it possible to get a positive pregnancy test already? Has anyone had successful IUI’s on their first try? Any thoughts or replies would be greatly appreciated!


Did you use a trigger shot? If so - that can totally make you feel preg like symptoms - bloating, mood swings etc… You are 3 days post iui (dpiui) which means if you triggered and took a preg test - it would prob be positive because the hormone (HCG) would still be in your system. You should wait as long as possible…I never test earlier than 14dpiui.

Also it can take 6-12 days for the embyro to implant…

Try an be patient - it’s hard but you’ll get through it!


Hi starkml,

Doesn’t it feel like time is moving soooo slowly?

Unfortunately it’s way too early to test for pregnancy, as it takes 6-12 days or so for the fertilized egg to implant in your uterus and only then will it start kicking out hcg.

Speaking of hcg, since you had the trigger shot, if you test too early a positive result could be leftover hcg from the trigger rather than a real positive. It will probably take 7 to 10 days to leave your system.

So you can test about 6 or 7 days post IUI to see if you get a positive. If you do it’s still the hcg, then test the following day to see if you still get a positive. If you get a BFN, then you know the next BFP you get is the real deal!

You may want to join the IUIs Nov 16 to 21 thread as there are a lot of ladies at the same stage as you on there.

Good luck!