Negative HPT 6dp5dt


I took a HPT this morning:bfn: (6 days past 5 day transfer) and it was negative. I know so many woman who start getting their positives on today’s date past the transfer, do you think because we transferred morula’s on day 5 that it will take longer to implant?? Or should I start preparing for the worse???

I have so many symptoms, hot flashes, naseau, headaches, frequent urination, irritability. I now know that has to be the progesterone and estrogen, but I am starting to get worried

Any other women who tested stark white negative on today’s day…and later on had a positive (for a day 5 transfer)

Thank you!!


I didn’t have a 5 day transfer with DD but at 11dpo same time frame I had a bfn she’s 2.5 now. This time I transferred 2 early blasts had implantation spotting about 48 hours after transfer totally possible yours was a little later


Don’t worry too much lady. Check my signature for wonders.:nerd: