Negative test i am so upset


Hello everyone, i have a question , hope i’ll get my ET was on 1st DEC, yesterday in the morning i took first respone pregnancy test which was positive within 3 min ,there is still positive line. but in afternoon(yesterday) it was blood test date is 15DEC. i know this to early to say anything but after negative test i am so upset. which one is right and which one wrong


Try not to get to upset, it is still early. It could be that when you tested in the morning the hcg levels were really concentrated so the test was able to pick them up. If a test was positive then it had to pick up some HCG in your urine. Good Luck!!


The same stick was showing negative or did you take another test? It’s possible that the line faded if it was the same test. They tell you not to read the test after 10 mins or something like that. If you used a different test, the afternoon urine probably wasn’t as concentrated. I’d go by what the morning test originally said. Good luck. I transferred the day after youm but haven’t been brave enough to POAS yet. My official beta is Monday.


Another thing I forgot to mention was that when I did my fresh cycle I didn’t get my first :bfp: until 8dp3dt, and it was very very faint. I almost couldnt see it. My DH could barely see it either. THe only reason that I really knew that it was a positive was that I work with my OB and when I told her about it she immediatley got a beta that day and it was only 25. It was days before scheduled beta with the RE. I now have a healthy little girl as a result.

Hope this helps!


thanks everyone for very nice and useful answers. on 7th dec i was used first response both i morning i did the test again with same brand and i got psitive


Congrats on the :bfp: !!!



Hello Rojakhan,

Let me say first, that I am no doctor, but I would go with the :bfp: because you did it with morning urine!!! That is the best urine to do it with. Maybe you just didnt urinate enough to give the afternoon HPT a good beta reading!!! I would say for now, that you are :bfp: :bsv: :bsv: !!! Let us know what your beta comes back as on the 15 of December 2012. :pray: