Nervous and Excited


So I haven’t posted on this site in quite some time. So my wife and I are getting ready to start our first IVF Cycle. I am super super nervous and just pray that everything goes well. My wife goes for surgery in October for Endrometreosis and to get some polyps removed…scared for her and hope everything goes ok . But once thats all done, she starts her cycle of meds in November and the egg retrieval and implantation will be in December! I just really hope it works. The good thing is that we get up to 4 or 5 attempts i believe with the “package” we purchased (its only $2000 more for the extra 4 attempts so why not huh?!)

I also wanted to tell people that are having financial issues to look online for grant money. My wife and I found this place local to us that gives $5G towards the cost of everything… I haven’t heard back yet but my Dr who is in contact with the grant people believes that we will get it. It would be a huge help.

Hopefully if everything goes right, my wife and I will have a beautiful little girl or little boy by this time next year!