Nervous and scared about second IVF


So we are going to do it again. As soon as I start my next period we will schedule it out for March. I’m so scared about doing it again and having tr same outcome or not even getting the BFP. I really need some words of encouragement and support. My DH doesn’t really get it and if I push it he will not want me to do it. He is worried about my overall mental health as am I. But I really want to have a baby.

I have been doing all sorts of things to help my situation a long. I’ve been talking my prenatals, royal jelly, co-q-10, and exercising. My FSH went down and my estrogen also went down. I also charted my cycles and ovulation since the miscarriage. I know that I ovulate at 10 days every other month and I have a period every 26-28 days. Not too shabby for a 42 year old with one ovary.

now I am on day 27 and no real signs of AF. However I have been cramping off and on since I ovualtes which is normal for me.

So do I take a test and to see what is going on. Or do I just wait. It seems for the last three months I’ve been on a 26 day cycle. But I don’t think I’m really late.

I’m so confused and so nervous! But I am more worries about the success of my next IVF than I am about starting. Lol.


Good luck with your 2nd IVF! I think it was a very good sign that you were able to get pregnant on the first cycle. Six fertilized eggs isn’t too shabby.
I hope you can get DH’s support. Maybe he’s still upset about the miscarriage?


Thank you! My doctor is the one that comvinced me to try with my OE at least one more time since my numbers were so good. I really think that I stressed so bad the first time and that did not help. This time I’m going to try really hard to not worry about every little thing. But I’m still scared.

And my DH, I took the miscarriage really hard. I took every blood test very hard. It was just a stressful time and the worst depression I’ve ever had. He’s never seen me that way and we are both worried that I’ll fall apart again. Heck I still cry about it. I don’t know if I’ll ever truely be “over” it. That is why I’m so nervous.


Hi, I wanted to stop by and let you know that it definitely can happen! It’s a really good sign that it technically “worked” the first time and I think you will definitely get your baby soon! It took me 4 cycles (1 chemical, 1 BFN, and 1 m/c) to finally get my baby. It definitely is really hard to try again after the m/c, because you don’t want to have to go through it again. But now that I have my baby, I look back and see that it was all worth it and it all happened for a reason. Good luck on your next cycle!!!


I am also about to start my 2nd round of IVF on March 5th following a miscarriage from the first IVF in August. I am also scared to death it is going to result in the same way, and yesterday my best friend told me she is 8 weeks :preg: pregnant. I am really happy for her, of course, but now I feel like I have added pressure for this cycle to be a success! :pray:

I really don’t think there is any chance of getting over the :wings: loss but I think I have finally managed to accept it.

Good luck and hang in there!



Sbc- I’m sending you lots of love and support. I know that’s my women have been through our same journey and have wonderful children to show for it. If you need any extra support please reach out to me. We can be each others support!