Hi everyone, I am new to this site and the whole in vitro process. My husband and I underwent in vitro recently. Today I got a positive pregnancy blood test, we were of course ecstatic but there was a BUT, my progesterone level is very low. I went back to my doctor and they gave me a progesterone shot and i will take one daily. I go for a blood test on friday to see if the pregnancy is developing okay and if the progesterone is going up. I am so nervous that I will miscarry with the low progesterone. I already went through an ectopic last year and I dont want this feeling of joy again only to be lost. . . .anyone have any feedback on low progesterone early on. . .any feedback would help. . .thanks :pray:



Well its only about 6 right now (should be at 15) , but I only had my transfer on last monday, so I am only 10 days post transfer. my hcg was strong it was 79 I believe. My doctor is telling me not to stress it, that my body could just not be caught up yet, if that makes sense. I guess I just have to pray it goes up on friday and that my hcg level doubles. I just hope these progesterone shots work. I just have been reading onilne and I am getting discouraged.



thanks. . .I hope you are right!!! just got to keep praying until friday, thanks for getting back to me though! :pray: