I am new to this forum but I am getting really nervous and could use some help. I have 3 beautiful girls ages 5 and twins that are 3. They are all my special little clomid babies. We are hoping for our last little one and have been through 5 rounds of clomid with no ovulation. They are not sure why my body is no longer responding to it and I am now on femera with HMG injections. I am on day 11 and did my last shots tonight. I will be going in tomorrow to see if I have any good follies. I am scared and worried that this is not going to work. I really want #4 but we are out of money to take it up to IVF. Hoping for the best. Has anyone had good luck with femera when clomid didnt work?

Me:31 thin-PCOS
DH: 31 all good

ttc Natural 2.5 years 1:wings: at 7w
3 rounds of clomid:bfp: DD:8/10/07
2 rounds of clomid :bfp: Its TWINS! DD’s 9/16/09

5 rounds of clomid:bfn: :grr: small follies not ovulating
1st round Femera and HMG Injections :pray:
u/s Follie count 3/15 trigger if ready


Are you seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist or an Ob/Gyn?

I don’t see why you would need to move to IVF when this is an issue of maturing follicles. You may just need better stims (i.e injectable meds) at a better dose. Of course those will cost you money too, but is less expensive than IVF. Since you are doing HMG injections I imagine you should mature follicles and ovulate given the right dosage. Especially if triggered to ovulate.

Clomid work indirectly on your ovaries by effecting hormones and only has a 30-50% rate of ovulation and is much less likely to work for those with PCOS whereas injectable meds work directly on the ovaries and at the right dose are over 90% effective so you have plenty of reason to be hopeful. Also, femara is a better choice too for those with PCOS because it acts differently on your hormones than the clomid does.

Have they tested your hormones to make sure there isn’t elevated prolactin or thyroid?


Thanks for the reply. I am seeing a RE and they did all the blood work and everything else seems fine but the pcos levels.

Just got back from u/s :cheer: 2 are ready and 4 smaller ones. He is having me give myself the trigger shot tomorrow , he wanted to give them 24 more hours so I might have a few more ready. He said I needed to wait 3 weeks from the trigger to test. How long does the trigger stay in your system, can i test sooner?

Hoping for a :bfp:


This is wonderful news! :clap: I know how frustrating it is not not ovulate on the clomid so to finally have a cycle to try is sooo exciting. :woohoo:

On average the trigger stays about 1 day for each 1000IU. So if you are taking the IM injection such as Novarel or Pregnyl then that is 10,000IU’s and should take a minimum of 10 days, but could take up to 14 depending on your metabolism (which is slower with PCOS) and hydration levels. If it is the subq injection–ovidrel then that is 6500IU’s and should be out even earlier.

What a lot of us ladies do is wait about 5-8 days after trigger and then start testing the trigger out. That way once you get a negative you will know that the trigger is gone and thus any strong positive after that will likely be the real deal.

That is what I did. I tested my trigger out about 5 days after my 5 day transfer. In IVF you trigger 2 days prior to that so that puts my negative at 12 days past my trigger. I didn’t test before that in this particular cycle so not sure exactly when the trigger was originally gone, but since it was negative on 12 days past I knew that there was no longer any trigger. SO when I got my positive two days later I knew it was real.

Good Luck! :flower:


Thanks for the info. I think I will try testing it out.