Never give up hope


After a very long and high risk pregnancy our identical twin baby girls arrived last Monday, November 7th, via c-section.

Getting pregnant took 2 years, 3 failed IUI’s and 1 successful IVF. Add to that lots of heart break and frustration as well.

The pregnancy itself was not easy. At 13 & 17 weeks I had major hemorrhages due to a tear in my placenta. I also had a complete placenta previa, pregnancy induced high blood pressure, severe anemia, we were told we only had a 30% chance of our littlest girls survival and we had discordanent growth.

But, through all of this, lots of bed rest (5 months of it actually), continual weekly shots and OB visits we delivered healthy and happy identical twin girls:

Madelyn - 3 pounds 13 oz, 16 1/8 inches long
Isabelle - 4 pounds 11 oz, 18 1/2 inches long

Yes they are tiny, but only had to spend 2 days/nights in the NICU. Isabelle had an IV for a day due to being too tired and Madelyn had no support. Both had great breathing (I had the steroids).

We were released from the hospital 3 days after they were born. At release Madelyn weighed 3 pounds 10 oz and Isabelle was 4 pounds 7 oz. Officially the smallest babies ever released from the NICU and hospital. But, as the NICU doctors said there was no medical reason to keep them…they are happy, healthy and strong…just little!

We have been home for a week tomorrow and everything is going great!

Just thought I would post this to give those struggling some hope. It was such a long and hard journey and many times I didn’t think it would work out well…but here we are!

I wish you all great success and happy pregnancies!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Amazing story! Congrats on the safe arrival of your babies!

My DD was also tiny when I had an emerg c-sect at 34wks 6days. She weighed 3lbs 6oz. No NICU time, but we did stay in the small town Hosp’s special care nursery for 9 days (she had to get blood sugar levels stable, then show she was gaining). She was 3lbs 9oz when we went home.

Five months of bedrest totally paid off in your situation. I imagine you breathed a huge sigh of relief when you heard their healthy cries for the first time!


Thanks for sharing your story. So happy for you and your girls. :slight_smile:


aussie, I’ve been thinking about you – CONGRATS!! And a big warm welcome to Madelyn and Isabelle! :grouphug:


Your story is just great. Congratulations on your little miracles.


Your story touched so close to home for me!!! I felt so happy to hear that you survived all the hurdles of your pregnancy. Thanks for sharing with everyone. We went through 6 total cycles, almost 5 years of trying, before finally having our little miracle boy. When we did finally get pregnant we also had a HUGE hemhorrage and the high risk doctor did not think our little boy would make it. After already suffering 3 miscarriages, this was really hard to hear. But he pulled through and is now 19 months old and we are thinking of trying for number two soon. It sounds like you have two little fighters! Thanks again for sharing!

I would love to share your story on my blog, you can check it out in my signature if you would like. I will pm you if you are interested let me know. Hearing stories like yours can be soooo encouraging to the people still suffering through infertility. Enjoy your little ones, they won’t be little for long, it goes by really fast!!!


Bless your family!

Congratulations! It helps to hear these kind of success stories. Hope that you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving this year!


Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! I have to admit that the pregnancy was hard, but having our girls here today makes it all worth it.

When I look back now all the years of not knowing what was wrong and the various treatments we went though really don’t mean anything now. I would have gone through that and more just to have them.

Infertility is hard and people who have not experienced it really have no idea of what we go through. You are all strong women to have chosen this path to motherhood and never forget that!

Never forget that at the end of all this can be a wonderful bundle of joy, or in our case two bundles. When things get hard, you just have to keep your chin up and keep going. We’ve all been there and sometimes just feel like giving up, but don’t.

Trust me…it’s all worth it. I want to thank everyone so much for coming along on my journey and I hope all of your journey’s end in the same joy!