New and frustrated!


My name is Jody. My husband and I are ttc. It’s been 5 years and counting with no luck. I’m getting frustrated with the whole thing. I’ve tried a lot of tricks… Taking my temp, tracking ovulation…etc. we have been through all the tests yet they can’t find anything wrong. My periods are every 28. They are never irregular. The drs told us that the would consider an IUI if my weight was a certain number. I’m still trying to get to that number. It’s so hard hearing other people getting pregnant. I keep wondering why me? Then I get mad at myself for being selfish.

On a good note…maybe. My husband might have a new job in MA. I work in NH and I use my insurance. So if he gets this job then ill go on his insurance and maybe things will get better. If not we will keep ttc. Thanks for letting me vent. :slight_smile:


Know that frustration!! Has your husband sperm been tested?


Yeah his sperm was tested. They said it was slightly low but nothing serious. They just figured that his sperm is not reaching my eggs. Which is why they have mentioned the IUI. The dr told us it was unexplained infertility. I still struggle with that. My brain hears unexplained infertility and thinks we should have no problem getting pregnant. It just sucks…I feel like there is something wrong with me. I always ask myself why didn’t happen this month? What went wrong? It’s so fustrating. :grr:


Have you has a hysteroscopy to see if your tubes are clear? Or have you had your AMH tested? I always had regular periods exactly 28 days apart like clockwork. I had a hard time getting pregnant as well. It turns out that my AMH was lower than normal. I did have luck with Clomid and IUI though!


My tubes are clear. The dye went through with no blockages. They never said anything about my AMH. Maybe I’ll ask them about it. They told me to call them the next when my weight was at the right number. But maybe that will change if my insurance changes.