New and just starting our ivf journey


Hi everyone, my hubby and I are new to this journey we are about to take, we are nervous and excited all at once

This is both our second marriage, I’m 32 and he’s 42
I have 3 children and he has one,
I got a tubal in 2008 and regret it now :frowning:
Our children so badly want a little sibling and we would also love to have a child together

We looked into tubal reversal but the pros and cons lead us to ivf
We go next week to Newlife fertility in Burlington
Anyone go there?
I have read so much about ivf, but I’m just wondering what we should expect our very first appointment? Should we bring anything?
I’m glad I found this site there is so much information on here :slight_smile:


Hello. Like workingmom, me and my wife are new to these forums and new to the whole experience of infertility treatments. We’ve just started to consult and find ourselves having lots an lots of questions. We will definitely check out the different resources mentioned. I think we will be learning a lot.