New Clomid User :)


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello everyone!!![/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am new to this forum and to clomid. My doctor has prescribed 1000mg of metformin along with clomid to help me ovulate. my first round was 50mg days 5-7 and i my progesteron level on CD21 was a low of .5 i was heart broken and very mad :grr: [/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have just finished 100mg of clomid days 2-7. I have my progesteron test in 4 days:pray: praying for good news!! [/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I was hoping to get some other stories of success from others…or any thing to help us concieve.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thankyou and baby dust to all:bsv: [/FONT]


Just wanted to say Good Luck an may you get the news you need this time around…

:welcome:too this part of the forum. I’m not doing Clomid but Femara but I just wanted to say a BIG HELLO & GOOD LUCK… :paw:


I was the same as you. I was trying so hard with Clomid and it just wasnt working. This time around I did 200mg Clomid 5-9 and had a trigger shot of Ovidrel also. I went in for my u/s and everything worked! I finally ovulated after so long of it not happening.

I wish you the best of luck!