New Cycle Question


Just had 4th failed IVF. My question is after each cycle and WTH appt, does anyone get different meds? I feel like we keep doing the same meds, but starting with different dosing. BCP for longer, then shorter.

I see ladies doing different protocols as well. Has anyone done an entirely different protocol after failed IVF?

One of my favorite vices is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”. Does this apply here?

Does anyone have any input for me?


I think you do have a very good point and are very reasonable with what you are thinking and feeling. I have had two failed fresh cycles and two failed frozens. After the last frozen, we sought the advice of a new clinic. I honestly didn’t care as much about actually doing another cycle, but I desperately wanted a second opinion and ideas of what a new RE would do differently. Those ideas were a form of the “answers” we have been seeking and never got from our last clinic.

The new RE plans to do a totally different protocol, and has said from the beginning that he wants to try for day 5 blasts to reduce the number to transfer. He feels we can get to this point. Our old RE never once said that or initiated the day 5 idea until I brought it up repeatedly. He also used the same protocol after the first cycle failed, just upped the doses of meds. I can honestly understand that, honestly, but as far as you are concerned, if I had had 4 failed cycles, you better believe I’d look for a new RE and protocol. That’s how I felt after half your failed cycles!

Good luck and I hope you get success very soon. It’s stressful enough, this process, without having to be our own doctors too. :grr:


Yes, I think it absolultely applies here. The protocols vary so much and I think it is definitely worth trying something else already! After 4 tries I would be asking for something different. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion either. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for something you think might help. I find it helps to read others signatures, they will often list the protocols they used with each cycle. GOOD LUCK


I did my first three cycles at my first re. I liked the staff and re. But the meds barely changed( only dosages) and everytime they kept telling me it made a difference. I went to a new re for the 4th cycle and they completely changed our protocol. We are doing a similar cycle for our 5th and final. The 4th cycle didn’t work but I do feel the change was the best. The lab is soo much better. For me I changed re’s because I wanted no regrets if that’s possible.

I wish you the best!! You may want to do a consult with a new re just to get another opinion.


I agree with everyones posts. I had my first failed IVF in October and my re changed protocol. Im starting stims next week and if this second fails I will get second opinion.

I really feel for you because 4 failed cycles is devastating. If I were you, I would get another opinion. Even if you sat with your RE it would be nice to get fresh set of eyes on your history and treatment protocols. couldnt hurt!!

Good luck to you! Really feel for all you are going through!


Maji, I’m sorry to hear about your 2 subsequent failed cycles (we were on the Sept IVF board together). I absolutely agree with the other posters - a second opinion is probably going to be key. Has your current RE ever given you an indication about what he/she thinks is the reason for the failed cycles? Also, I know the need to hurry you feel, but I’ve never heard of another RE doing back to back to back stims like you have. I know mine likes at least one cycle off OCPs and everything before starting you back on suppression.

I hope you get lots and lots of answers either from your RE or from another opinion. :babydust: :babydust:



I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I can totally relate to everything you are going through; I hope my story can encourage you some. We went through 4 fresh IVF cycles (two negatives and two early miscarriages) before deciding to move on to donor embryos. Once we were lucky enough to recieve 8 embryos, we transferred two and had another miscarriage. We were devastated. Since we had some left we went ahead and tried again. To our surprise, we got pregnant and stayed pregnant. Our little miracle is now almost 2 years old and we are about to try for number two.

I am telling you all of this to let you know that you can go on to have a healthy baby, even after multiple attempts.

I do agree that you should be doing something differently. Just trying the same over and over will likely yield the same results.

If you would like to read more about our story you can visit my blog (link is in my signature). Good luck to you, please don’t give up!!


Thanks for all the information. I did have a consult with another RE after my first IVF failed. I took the information back to my original RE and worked from there. I really didn’t feel that this other office was going to do anything much different.

I was very surprised when I did the back to back cycles in Aug and Sept. They seemed OK with it. That’s why they’re the doc’s, right?

My appointment is tomorrow to do my follow up. Last time I asked about PGD(?) and any other issues I may have. They don’t seem to think that genetic testing on my embryos is the issue. I had even made my appointment with another doctor at the practice to get yet another set of eyes on my baby making.
We discussed that the first 3 days-egg dependent, next few-sperm dependent-then all on the embryo. I also know that there obviously was some issue with the embryo that it didn’t stay and grow. I know scientifically that wasn’t the baby I wanted as well.[SIZE=3]
I just never thought that I’d be here almost 2 years later working on IVF #5!!! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][SIZE=2]All these injections, egg retrieval’s, anesthesia, surgery and heartache with NOTHING to show for it. :grr:

If it were not for my insurance I would have hung up my towel a long time ago.