New-Depressed 2nd unsucessful IVF


I have just had my second round of IVF which has been unsuccessful.
Brief background - my husband had a vasectomy so we decided to have IVF as we are desperate for a baby together. The first round I had 2 grade A embryos which did not implant. The second round I had 1 grade A embryo and again no implant.
This time I have been feeling so depressed, which is not like me as I am normally such a happy upbeat person. Two of my closest friends have found out they are pregnant which probably does not help.
I just dont know what to do to help implantation. Any suggestions??? Any suggestions on coping with the start of depression?
We are lucky as we are having our third attempt in May 2012. None of my other embrtos survived so it will be fresh again. My husbands sperm will be from frozen.
Good luck everyone else.


chin up.

i too am depressed. so i just wanted to wish you well. we are not at the stage you are yet so i have no advice on your situation. but i have contacted my eap program through work for paid councilling. maybe you have this too? i have been avoiding m friends, one that is pregnant too. i almosted cried when she told me , but i was able to fake my happiness for her. i am happy for her, it just make me even more sad cuz we are going on two years and still nothing but bad news. did your husband have the micro tese. my husband needed to go for this. did it hurt?


I’m so sorry! There is nothing tougher than dealing with infertility, especially during the holidays. I also have a hard time hearing of other people’s pregnancies. It throws me off the deep end and I spend the rest of the night crying. All we can do is keep trying. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

I heard eating pineapple core is suppose to help with implantation. You’re suppose to start eating it the day after your transfer.

Best of luck!


I think we expect IVF to be the answer and when it immediately isnt we feel even more like failures. When I first started I couldnt believe how many people got pregnant round 1, well didnt happen for us, we just did our 4th round of IVF and Im now 13 weeks, everyone is different and it may take a few trys. Now when I look around I see how normal it is for many of us to do multiple trys. Good Luck.


I know its depressing. I guess keep trying is all I can say. Have faith and it will come.I have had 3 failed IVF attempts and the 4th one due for bloodtest on Saturday but I have already started bleeding and nurse advice me to do a blood test on Wenesday to be sure. I am pretty sure its a :bfn: .

Me: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
DH: None

Before IVF: 3 rounds of Clomid and 1 IUI
IVF #1 : May 2011 One embryo transfer :bfn:
FET #1: July 2011 one embryo transfer :bfn:
FET #2 :Sep 2011 2 embryo transfer :bfn:
IVF #2 : Dec 2011 one embryo transfer - started bleeding 8 days post transfer waiting to do blood test.

Doctor does not seem to find whats wrong with me. The embryo just do not seem to implant!

Good luck!


So sorry to hear you are feeling depressed. Infertility sucks and the hardest part is it typically does not work the first or even second time around. The RE’s make you think that it will be the miracle cure, but it is not. But if you are willing to keep trying and not give up, you can have a baby. My hubby and I went through 4 fresh cycles and 2 donor FET cycles before finally having our miracle baby. I can honestly say that he is worth every bit of heartache that we had to go through.

The only thing you can really do to help your chances is be as healthy as possible; diet, excercise…etc. Having pregnant people around you is very challenging. Please know that your not alone in your feelings.

If you would like to read some success stories you can visit my blog. Please try to keep your head up and move forward knowing that these first cycles are stepping stones to your successful cycle. Good luck to you!


I feel your pain and you are not alone. Unfortunately, I think of each round of IVF as a coin flip - which is slightly weighted against us. For many it takes several rounds to get the “heads” we so desperately desire.

The good news is that everyone I know personally has eventually gotten lucky. It is just a matter of staying with it and not giving up.

Hang in there!


I’m so sorry you are going through this. Try to remind your self of the things that are wonderful in your life as is. That’s the only thing that gets me through the failed cycles. As far as what can improve your chances with implantation. I would recommend two things. One look into acupuncture. There is a study that was done that shows in increases your chances specially for IVF, and two check for clotting disorders. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get a bfp in 2012.