New Girl Here


Hi everyone,

My name is Kara and I am new here so not quite sure how this site works. All the support sites seem to be very different. I was part of a different online support group but their seemed to be lots of drama there for some reason between the ladies and I have enough stress going this process without getting it from a place where people should be supporting each other instead of the other way around. So, I am searching for a new home, drama free I hope.

My story - I have endo. I spent the whole year before getting married trying to figure out the problem and practically living in the ER, cause as you know you can’t see endo. They finally found a cyst and so we scheduled a lap but they found the endo was so bad they had to open me up completly. I felt great for awhile, got married to DH May 1, 2010 and we have been trying ever since. Unfortuatly, found he also has issues on his side and my endo pain started to return.

We just did our 1st IVF cycle and are currently in the 2ww. Driving myself crazy and just looking for other people who can relate or share their success stories.

Thanks for listening. I will learn how to use the site better soon.


:welcome: Kara!!! Congrats for getting to the 2ww! The site is a wealth of info so look around. i’m addicted to the site I learn something new daily.
I pray that you will get great news at the end of your 2ww!


:welcome: And congrats on being in the 2ww! Wishing you the best and can’t wait to hear the good news!


Don’t have endo, but wanted to say welcome. I have found these boards to be nothing but supportive. I agree that you shouldn’t have drama somewhere you are looking for support! Good luck, tyr to stay busy throughout your 2ww and pass the time by quickly.


yay…on your 2ww…:welcome: sending you lots of :pray: and :grouphug: …

I don’t know how I found this site…but it has helped put me in a happy place…
This cycle I feel less stress…and when every I have a question even about the most simpliest things…this group of wonderful women give me feedback…
you ladies ROCK!!!


:welcome: I am new to the site as well. There is a great thread called the ‘2WW’ on the forums you can find.

It’s a list of all the gals on the 2WW and has our aches, hopes, beta tests and :bfp: .

I am in the 2WW as well, and I can honestly say it’s been the longest 6 days of my life so far, lol. My first beta is 4/29.

Again :welcome:


Welcome Kara! This is a great place for support and I have never had drama here either. I am a memeber of a different site that has some drama too and wonder if we are talking about the same place. LOL. But you will find this is great . Good luck in your 2ww I hope you get your BFP



Thanks ladies. I appreciate you all welcoming me. The 2ww is tough so far, long days but I am hanging in. Good to know there are places we can go to support one another. It really has helped me a lot.