New here and need your support!!


I am 39 years old and have one 4year old son whose the light of my life and is dying to have a second…first DH didnt want so we had issues and then my first pregnancy was very bad cos i had been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix (after losing my first baby at 18weeks) so i had to do a cerclage in my second pregnancy and bed rest for 5months…anyway i dont regret any day of bedrest because it brought my son whose the most precious thing in my life…anyway to cut my story short, i had my son 4years ag at the age of 34yrs and then i was pregnant 1year after and m/c at 8weeks then nothing till now…3years but i had lots of issues and problems with dh so not the best relation…anyway inbetween we tried clomid for 3months, IUI once that failed and then i had a broken leg last april so was in crutches most of summer then now am finally back to normal and went to my OB and he recommended IVF due to my age…i did AMH test and its 0.21ng/ml which is very low and i met my ob today and he suggestd i do an antral follicular count by US and it confirmed weakness of my ovaries…my OB is against subjecting me to high doses of hormones which is my only option cos ofmy minimal chances but still i told him i want to go with it,…i owe it to my son to try m best to give him a brother or sister…i still have some blood tests to do and then go b4 m next cycle for a final sonar and hormone protocol…please tell me u had low AMH and u managed to get pregnant…am so desperate…looking forward to meeting u all
#1 IVF trial next cycle or the one after because am thinking of not messing xmas with hormones…:pray:


Welcome! first was this a specialisty specialist you talked to or ob? Im not sure what my amh was but i have a high fsh (14.5) and i was put on high dose of hormones to get the most quality eggs. I did birth control for 2 weeks, then microdose lupron, and high dose of gonal f (600 mg!) Im not sure your doc reasoning behind not putting u on high dose of “hormones” if thats what it takes to produce eggs…as you can see it worked for me on first ivf!


My AMH is the same as yours .2…and I am only 31. I tried IVF once with my eggs, but I responded very porrly to the medication and we only got 4 eggs. That ended with a negative. I was advised to move on to donor egg, we got a second opinion and again was advised to move on. So, we had a donor egg cycle and that ended in a negative as well. I am now just starting a cycle for a frozen embryo transfer and I am crossing my fingers that it works.