New here and unsure


I’m new to this forum as well as infertility testing. My latest blood results revealed an FSH level of 5.3 and an AMH level of 1.81. I have my follow up appointment with my dr on March 14 and that seems like forever. I was just looking for some clarity on what I can expect when I visit my dr. I’m very much looking forward to some helpful replies:)
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Paella - :welcome: Those levels both look good to me. I can’t remember what my FSH was (3-something) and they said that was normal, but perhaps a tad bit low. I think yours is well into the normal range. I think the concern is if it’s over 10 (?) or if your AMH is under 1 (depending on which scale they use to measure it, of course). My AMH was 1.2 and while I think it’s on the low end of normal, it’s still normal. 1.8 should be considered fine, if they use the same scale to measure as my RE did. I know the wait until appointments can be torture. I hope the next couple of weeks goes by quickly and you can get on the road to getting pregnant!


Your results look good. FSH is definitely fine. AMH looks good also, but this number is age specific. 1.8 is very good in your 40th and a little low if you are in your 20th. But regardless, 1.8 means you have plenty of eggs left.

Good luck with your appointment!


How old are you??
Those numbers look great! FSH is right where it should be and AMH looks good too. Maybe slightly low, but since I dont know your age i cant say forsure.
Did your RE say anything about what he/she thinks the problem is???


Thank you ladies for the kind words of encouragement!
I am 40 and will turn 41 in April. :flower:
Depending on what my dr says my chances are for conceiving these may be my last few months to keep trying. I have rheumatiod arthritis and need to start taking my medicine. Once I start taking it I can’t try anymore because the medicine will cause severe birth defects.
Here’s hoping!


heck, your numbers are AWESOME given your age!! WOW! Im assuming he also checked your Estrogen levels?? If those are higher, then your FSH might not actually be as low as it is. Because Higher estrogen suppressed FSH levels.
But id say you have a good chance with those numbers!!