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I’m terrified. I had 2 children over 20 years ago in another lifetime. My current husband and I had a loss at 8 weeks last September after ttc for 8 months. We started Clomid in March and had a chemical pregnancy with IUI. One unsuccessful monitored IUI and one with injectables. I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a pain syndrome. We battled the insurance company, and the doctors’ to get the IVF before we waste anymore precious time. The insurance approved IVF with assisted hatching but not ICSI. Does anyone have any experience with this?


He tests fine. Last analysis he had 49 mil after 5 days and 85% motility. I guess if the insurance doesn’t pay for the ICSI it may not need to pay for the AH either. After following up on my own, I found out insurance may approve ICSI based on the embryology report. We have opted to not do the embryo biopsy, and pray for the best. We also opted to not test AMH. I do not want to give the insurance company a potential out, and 8’d rather not give the drs the chance to stretch this out if they think I have a lot of time.


Hello, dear! I’m sorry for your troubling conceiving with baby#3. I still don’t have children myself. But can definitely relate to the IVF world. We’re passing our IVF with donor eggs in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic now, shot#1. Last year we’ve had 2 rounds IVF with OE which unfortunately failed. :frowning: All this is so unbearable from time to time. Thinking about how simple life could be without these issues - you just decide and simply get pregnant… If only such dreams could come true…