New here, just started Follistem- need some positive stories!



I am new here. I am trying to find any support I can find!!

You can see my history on my signature…

I just started my first cycle on Follistem 150 for 10 days. I have my first u/s tomorrow morning to see how my body is reacting to the meds. Will have back to back IUI’s if all goes well :cross:

I have a friend who got preggo on her first cycle of Follistem with IUI and I am getting my hopes up pretty high that this will work. I know, dangerous, huh! lol But really, I am so scared this isn’t going to work and I will be devistated. We can only do the injectibles for a couple of cycles since it is very expensive for us (insurance doesn’t pay). IVF is not an option due to cost, so this is my last chance!!! UGH! I hate the pressure…

Anyone have sucess stories they want to share to keep my spirits up?!



I just wanted to say good luck. Please keep us updated with your cycle. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you :slight_smile: