New here - need advice


I am 40 years old. I had one miscarriage a year ago…:frowning:
My RE said he would suggest PGD based on that. He also said he could control for multiples better by transferring only one embryo. Can he only do that with PGD? So now I need to do retrieval one cycle and transfer the following cycle. I assume that would be the next month?? For example retrieval in March and transfer April? I hope it wouldn’t be any longer. This waiting drives me crazy. And I’ll be 41 in May.
I also read about PGD testing possibly having risks to the embryo… ??
I had a super panel blood test. It showed that I am unlikely a carrier of Wilson disease.( It’s a very rare treatable disorder.) If that is the only thing that came up and DH’s testing is good would this be a good predictor? Would we still need PGD??


Hi, here what I’ve got to know on the forums.
PGD tests not only for genetic diseases but for chromosomal abnormalities. At the age starting from 37 50% or more of our embryos are going to be chromosomally abnormal. Most chromosomal abnormalities are fatal and will end in miscarriage. Some, like trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome), may result in a viable birth.
I understand how horrible the waiting is but my RE is trying to avoid me having to experience another miscarriage. And if I don’t do testing they may put in more than 1 embryo to account for the fact that 1/2 is likely to be abnormal. However if both are normal I end up with twins.
Also in the most of cases egg retrieval 1 month, the embryos are tested day 5 and frozen and then transfer next month. Risks to embryo exist but not as much as with day 3 biopsies.
I’m also going to question my RE about the embryologists experience with PGD testing and biopsying. This is to make sure they have a few hundred biopsies under their belts. Seems like in my age this testing is worth the money and the time…


Hi, SamanthaSun-sorry I can’t help much with my personal experiences, also I am not an expert with PGD, but you should consider PGS to detect chromosomal abnormalities, not PGD. Here you will find detailed explanation and I hope it helps you to understand them better- invictaclinics com/pre-implantation-genetic-diagnosis-pgdpgs-ngs/ xx