New Here .. TTC #3


Hi! Im new to this site … I have had 5 miscarriages (between 4wks & 13wks). I miscarried Valentines Day of 2005, got pregnant with my son the following month. He is now 5 :slight_smile: We tried for a year to get pregnant after him and I was diagnosed with endometriosis and put on Lupron for 3 months. We conceived our daughter the following month. She is not 2 1/2 :slight_smile: We started trying to get pregnant when she was around 6-8months old and we’ve been trying every since. My dr finally put me on clomid after months of charting temps and our 1st round failed :frowning: 2nd round & I should be ovulating any time now …
Chlomid is awful on my body. I have severe hot flashes, very sudden throughout the day and all night long. Mood swings like crazy & pain around ovulation but my dr said that was normal. Im on 50mg. Any advice for me out there?! Thanks everyone!