New here with a concern/question about IUI #3


Hi Ladies,

We are doing our 3rd donor sperm IUI, and I’d love some feedback from you all and your expertise.

Background: DH diagnosed with azoospermia 12/08. IVF with mTESE 6/10- no sperm found, donor backup used, successful pregnancy, daughter now 2.5 yrs old. 7/12~ unsuccessful IUI- plenty of antral follicles, responded to meds well.

We did an IUI last cycle(July), and at my baseline CD2 scan, I only had 5 antral follicles, FSH 9, E2 50. I only had a 9 day LP last cycle. I went in yesterday, CD 4, for baseline monitoring, and had one 15mm follicle and two 13mm follicles. E2 was 75. Does that seem normal for the 4th day of my cycle? Anyone ever have follicles that large around baseline? I’m wondering if my body is so messed up that we need to jump right to IVF. We have a limited amount of money, and honestly, I have a limited about of emotional resources to put towards this.

I appreciate any words of wisdom, advice, etc. that you have to offer.

Thank you,


Hi Emmy,

For CD 4 those size follicles sound more like they might be cyst. Did you ask the doctor or nurse about it?

:flower: , Dana