New here


Hi, my name is Tracee, I am fairly new to the forums. I am a little sad to see this forum so slow! I’d love to chat with some other Christian ladies who have suffered infertility!


New too

I am also new here- just joined this week after having my 3rd failed IUI. It has been a pretty anxiety filled week. I am praying that we will get pregnant at the right time, but it has been stressful. I have a lot of great support, but not a lot of friends who really understand what I am going through…


I’d love to chat! I’m not “new” here, but I haven’t been on here fo about a year. I haven’t conceived, and after 5 years, I still find it hard.


We have been trying for almost 2 years and I can imagine that the journey only becomes more difficult. There are not always words to describe the wide range of emotions and disappointments. I have only been doing infertility treatment for 5 months and I am ready for a break…every month is a emotional build up and let down. I just did my 4th IUI on Sat and we are thinking about taking a few months off if there is no :bfp: this month.


I’m probably still new here having only signed up around march/April this year when we started our first ivf. That was only 4 months ago and feels so much longer than that. The forums were great support as i was going through the physical challenges of ivf. Now im really struggling with the emotional journey, as we cant have any children of our own. Would love to chat with other Christian women. Infertility is hard in so many ways.