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Hi all!

My name is Melissa, I am new here, and fairly new to this adventure! I had breast cancer in Jan 2009 and finally got the clearance to start trying in March. We have been trying since then with no luck yet. :frowning:
I have only had 2 periods naturally since May so the doctor put me on provera to make me get a period and then on Clomid for CD 5-9. Well - I don’t think it worked. I do chart my temps and they have stayed the same with no spike at all. I am so sick of not ovulating! I got a blood test yesterday to see if I ovulated at all and I told the doc about my temps and he also is now expecting the test to show I did not ovulate. So, he will likely up my dosage to 100 of Clomid from 50 for next month.
I am already so sick of this - my friends are no help. “Don’t stress out - it will happen for you!” uh - maybe it won’t dude! I am so glad to find this site where I can talk to people who understand my crazy!
In your opinion, is it worth it to take OPK’s next round of clomid? I have taken them before and they did indicate a LH surge, even though I clearly didn’t ovulate (no temp raise, no period) so I have chalked them up to be unreliable. But - if any of you used them and they were accurate I may try it again. Any advice on how to make my crazy less, well, crazy would be great! :clap:


Hi and :welcome: ,
I think you’ve come to the right place! So many of us can identify with the frustrations around infertility and especially ovulation.

I believe that there is a specific board here for cancer surviors as well that you might find useful.

This is just based on my opinion, but the OPKs weren’t a good fit for me. It would show an LH surge, but my eggs were / are terribility immature. So, even though I technically ovulate on my own, it was never (not medical terms here) strong enough. In fact, I was riddled with cysts because many times my follicles wouldn’t colloapse correctly.

OPK (imo) are a great plce to start though. I did it for about 6 or 7 months before I got serious with my doctors. If you have the option of using the OPK in conjunction with a more accurate blood test, I would highly recommend it. Also, get your progesterone measured.

Good luck to you! And I totally know how you feel about people telling you to “relax!” Sadly, infertility is completely misunderstood by most people. But there is a large community of supportive women and men here who can help you both emotionally and with recommendations.



I am also new here! I have been reading these forums for 2+ years, but I finally started posting today! It is nice to have someone respond to you. Good luck with your journey. I am hoping mine is over tomorrow as I will find out if my latest IUI worked. I am also totally over people telling me to relax or look into adoption. They regret it if they say it to me because I launch into a lecture on infertility. I try to remember that they are just trying to be nice.

Welcome! I will be hopeful for your miracle.


OPKs aren’t good for people with certain conditions like PCOS. That was always my problem–PCOS gives you a ton of false positives on OPKs. Your treatment sounds more like the standard course that OB/GYNs tend to use–you can certainly try OPKs next time, but another option (maybe down the road) is to switch to an RE or fertility specialist who will be able to monitor your cycles more closely using a combination of ultrasounds and blood work. For now, though, if you don’t want to dive headlong into the whole IF thing yet, try the Clomid a couple more cycles, and you can monitor your cycles using a combination of OPKs, basal body temps, and checking your cervical mucus.


I used OPK’s and they worked for me - but if I were you and knew that you’ve used them before and got a positive even though you didn’t ovulate, I wouldn’t spend the money on them. I think they work for some people and not for others depending on their exact issues. And I’m sure it would be frustrating to get your hopes up with a false positive and then have the doc say you didn’t ovulate.