New Here


Hi All,
I’m new here and just thought I’d post my story. My husand and I have been TTC for a little over 6 years. For quite a few of those years we thought the issue was just me. I have one blocked tube. Other than that we had been told everything was fine. I have taken a boatload of clomid and have had 3 failed IUI’s. We finally decided this year that we would find a way to get the money for an IVF. THrough all of the pre-screening we have found that I have a hypothroid, which shocked all of us. And that my husband has low morphology. These are both changes that have occured since our original testing years ago.

Currently I am in my 2WW. I had a 5 day transfer on Friday. We had to beautiful embryo’s transferred and I am crossing my fingers that we have gotten around the issues and these little guys stick!

At any rate, throughout the last 6 years I have never felt more alone. I guess I amjust looking for some support and hoping I may be able to offer some support to others.

That being said, I am a nervous wreck and feel like everything I do is gonna shake these embryo’s out of me! Any tips on how to relax? I was told bedrest for 24 hours, but pretty much have stayed on the couch for the last 48. I am very very active and haven’t been able to get a hard workout in since we started stimming a few weeks ago so I think part of my anxiety is from that. Anyway, any ideas on some things to help me relax?

thanks! (sorry I am a rambler!)


Hi hun and welcome :-). I am new as well in this journey of TTC and i wish you the best of luck! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that those little guys or gals will stick and u will beb blessed and overjoyed. much luv :slight_smile: