New Hope Fertility Center Clinical Trial


I know of one other person besides myself doing this trial, so I wanted to see if there were any other girls out here who were involved in this trial. Hopefully we can all stay in contact!


Is this here in Indiana? I haven’t heard anything about it!


How great Stephanie! Keep us posted and good luck!


i believe i read somewhere that it was in nyc.

good luck to all trial participants :slight_smile:


here is the link:

IVF Clinical Trial with cost of treatment included


Steph this sounds awesome!!! When will you cycle?


New Hope Participant!

Hi, I think I may be a participant, I recieved an email with a medical form to fill out, after sending the form back within minutes I got an email saying they will contact me soon about my first visit to the center. How did you find out you were a participant for sure?


Hi Dittoxtina. I got another email after that one saying that they are overwhelmed with the response and that they are working as fast as they can to screen everyone. So I’m not technically a participant yet. I didn’t get the other email for about 5 days after I did the screening online, so I would give it some time to hear from them.

Jen-The trial is in New York City.

Mia-It has been so long since I’ve heard from you! I was just wondering how your bean is doing. I’ve not been actually accepted yet. Just based on my online screening they say it appears I will be a good candidate. So now its a waiting game until my first appointment. I know that it is going to be a fairly long trip there for me for the appointments, but I still think I’ll be saving tons of money in the long run!


I am a patient at NHF…it is a great place. I wish you all the best


Thanks Stephanie. I passed the information on to my aunt and uncle who have been trying since they got married 9 years ago. I know that cost was the big factor in why they haven’t pursued treatments, they are “unexplained.” But as you mentioned, while you may be spending money on the travel you’ll still be saving a ton by doing this as a trial candidate.

Best wishes to all of you who plan to participate.


That’s great Steph! I hope and pray that you get accepted!! Big hugs to you!!


Hi Stephanie. I filled out the application too. I still have not heard back yet (besides the emails you also received). Let me know when you hear something! Good luck…:flower:


Hey Amy! Still no news here…patiently (or not) waiting.

So far we have three of us!


And we are all waiting to hear back for our first appointment!

Any other girls out there?


I’m so excited! BUT at the same time I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Stephanie and Amy…What state do you two live in? I’m in Florida, so I will have to do alot of traveling with this clinical trail, but I think it’s so worth it! It’s just a waiting game as of now for all us :slight_smile: I"ll keep you guys posted if I hear anything new. Good luck to all!



I have done the preliminary info for the trial and I’m waiting to hear back. Do you live in the New York Area or are you a long distance patient


Please add me to the list. I am also waiting to hear back. :cross:


OMG! Ladies, I think I’m in. Or at least in to the next level. I just received an email asking for way more info and medical history etc.


Does anyone have any details on this study…
like when it starts?
how long we need to be in NY for?


[quote=aidan’smom]Does anyone have any details on this study…
like when it starts?
how long we need to be in NY for?[/quote]

They dont say when it starts.

They did say, and I quote:

"We accept participants outside from New York. However, please be notified that for all 20-25 study visits, (including monitoring visits, procedures and follow up visits) participants must come to our clinic located in New York City. The study period may take from 6 to 9 months. "


I’m in Indiana. After I completed the online screening with medical history, ect, I received an email that said there was overwhelming response and that they were sorting through everyone as fast as they could to schedule the first appointment. They also gave me a list of things that me and dh will need to be tested for beforehand. The other two things it said was no FSH over 13 and at least 7 antral follies. I’ve never had a baseline U/S, so I am sooo nervous about that one.

[U]We are up to 5:[/U]
Aidan’s Mom

It sounds like we are all still waiting on the same thing: our first appointments!!!