New Issues


When I view the site through FF (my standard browser), there is no template visible. Just unformatted text. Been this way since last night.

When I view on IE, I am unable to post and the new error message is ‘error saving content- server error’.


Interesting. I’m using FF right now and the site looks ok. I was seeing unformatted text during the couple of days when the site was basically unusable, but it was gone as soon as I reloaded the page.


hmmm. cleared my cache and no change. I am using 23.0.1


I am also using 23.0.1, on a 32 bit windows 7 machine, though I’m not sure that matters much. Guess we wait and see what the admins say.


Also, I can finally see signatures without having to hover over the little pen symbol. So happy!


seems to be fixed!


I’m hoping all’s fixed. I know they still have a list of things that need fine tuning, but hopefully everyone can post again. Please let me know if you are still having troubles. It seems like just when I think they’ve got it, something else breaks. Thank you for your patience. I know it’s been a rough transition.


When I pull up a forum, all the posts are in a random order. Anyone else having this problem? It makes it really difficult to read new ones that I want to catch up on or any I’m subscribed to that I am a bit behind on. Any ideas?!