New IVF study in Philadelphia-free IVF


[I]Copied and posted from Craigslist. Also, I work at Penn and have met the people working on the study, could be a good opportunity if you don’t have money for an IVF…[/I]

Are you trying to get pregnant? If you are eligible, you will receive one cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) at no cost to you.

You must:
- be between 35-42 years old
- have no history of PCOS
- have had no more that 3 cycles of IVF

Please contact Rhonda at 215-615-4233 or [email protected].


You know, I feel like I did hear it was a multi-site trial. So maybe! I am not familiar with the PURSUE study…


[quote=essemkay]The PURSUE Study is being done at 35 clinics across the country, ages 35-42, to basically test a time-release form of follistim. There’s a thread about it here: that gives some information about more of the clinics that are participating, although it’s not exhaustive. There are a quite a few of us that have completed our study cycles and many more in various stages and just gearing up for screening.

Just putting this here so that as many people as possible can get this info! Free IVF for the 35-42 group! Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

(I did the study myself)[/quote]

Nice! Glad you have had success! I don’t meet one of the criteria, but I am all about spreading the word for ladies who can’t afford treatment. This is such a nice alternative to “giving up.”


Ha ha. I meant to say I didn’t meet any of the criteria. Hey… I am almost 32! :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, this is an amazing opportunity! I wonder if 3 ivf’s include fets?

Jess, ALL the best to you ! :cross: :cheer: :pray: I hope you are taking it easy… xx



Thanks for the info! I emailed her and will try to call her next week. I live about half an hour away from Philly and I had my liver donation surgery at UPenn so I definately trust them there. So far I meet the requirements. This would be a great opportunity!



I was denied for the study because I’m on a prescription med. Armour for my thyroid. Cant be on any prescriptions meds.


Sounds like a great opportunity, wish they had that at my clinic in Houston!


They are doing it in Clear Lake, thats where Im going:dance: