new member-need help with unknown terms


Sorry for the simple questions, but what is “beta” that I keep seeing in people’s sigs?

Also, what are the typical steps (& timeline) for IVF cycle?



Beta is the blood test the doctor does to determine how much HCG is in your system. HCG is what they look for to determine if you pregnant. Anything over 25 is considered a positive pregnancy test. So when people say their beta numbers are ---- 12dpo: 105 ---- they mean 12 days past ovulation is when they had their beta test and their beta number is 105 meaning a positive pregnancy test. Somtimes you’ll see dpiui (days past iui) or dpt (days past transfer).

I’ve gone through two IVF cycles so I’m not a master but what I’ve always done is:

BCPs for 2-3 weeks
Lupron for two weeks to supress ovulation
Menopur and Follistim to stimulate follicles (8-12 days) When follies are mature, one trigger shot at night
36 hours later = Egg Retrieval
Then, if all goes well you’ll have embryos to transfer 3 or 5 days later
Beta test two weeks after transfer

That’s the general idea but there are many different protocols. The whole process takes about 8 weeks.


Thanks and good luck on this cycle.


Oh, so that’s what Beta is. I am very impatient when it comes to abbreviations and other shortened terms, I don’t seem able to retain what they mean.