New member-question about PCOS diet



I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and have been feeling pretty down about it. I am 32 and recently just got married. My husband and I want to have children but this has made it difficult. I am currently on metformin for my insulin resistance issue, and also on another medication for my thyroid. My doctor told me I need to lose at least 15-20 pounds and when I do, I will have a better chance of getting a more regular period,and better chance of getting pregnant. She then can also prescribe me medications such as clomid.
Anyone who has PCOS knows that without treating these issues, your chance of carrying a pregancy full term is impossible.
I have been reading up on a diet that would be approriate for someone with my condition and is effective, and there is a lot of information out there so I’m not sure which to go with.
I’m looking for a diet menu/plan that I can use a a guideline. Has anyone found a diet that has helped them lose the weight? I am due to see a dietitian but wanted to get ahead start.
Thanks for any helpful information in advance!