New, needing help


Hi all Im Lisa I just turned 27. I had a mc when i was 19, and have been trying ever since to get prego again with no luck.
Recently an 18yr old came to me and said she wanted to be a surrogate for me. she knows all about me now and still wantes to have a baby for me YAY.
Ive been talking to my cousin whos in the process of adopting her friends baby. I am going to be moving to Ohio before the baby is born (shes not prego yet).
anyway i would like my bro to donate sperm so the baby has some of my blood. since i cant ovulate.
Anyway I need help i dont know anything about adopting a baby this way and dont know where to start.
In pa (where i live now) my cousin said in order to adopt i need to…
have a job
and show i can provide a good stable home.
she also said they dont favor animals
that she had to pay a few thousand to a privet attorney
had to have a home study
and clearences.
they had to check out her and her whole family

i know its not that diff from state to state but if the birth mom lives in ohio i would be adopting in ohio.
Also i live with my parents cause i cant work (med probs) my parents are ok with taking care (finatually) a baby. my moms excited to be a gramma again. but i dont know what to do to get around the working think.
My whole family would welcome this baby with open arms and an open heart. this baby would be as spoiled as my twin nieces are.

PLZ Any help is welcome i jsut ask that you dont judge me. ive had enough of that in my life.