New, stressed and full of questions


Well my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now we are 24 and 25, we saw our regular doctor who referred us to a specialist after two hysterosalpingograms and a LEEP. I was told I have unexplained infertility, which doesn’t tell me much but my husband has a very good count and good mobility. We tried Clomid and Ovidrel with timed intercourse for 5 cycles with no success. Now my last cycle we used Clomid and Ovidrel with IUI, if this is unsuccessful and we don’t get pregnant they want to do a laparoscopy in mid July and forgo the month. If everything comes out ok they want to start me on Follistim and Ovidrel using the IUI method, if things don’t come back so good they want me to go straight to IVF. I am so stressed about all of this and my hormones are so out of wack because of the Clomid, I am very nervous about using injectables because my insurance will only cover it for 6 months. I really hope I wont have to cancel any months. I notice everyone who has infants and all the pregnant ladies at my work and I am so depressed by it, I am just trying to wrap my head around all this and I would really appreciate any advise anyone has to give about injectables, stress relievers, the laparoscopy and or anything else that will help me along the with this crazy rollercoaster. It would be so appreciated.


OMG Devan, I think we are in the same boat of the frustrations… Unexplained IF, SERIOUSLY RIGHT!? It’s like it would be better to know something was the reason for it not happening. I don’t know if you are a religious person, but I do try and tell myself that there is someone above looking out for me and it is in the plans they have for me, I just need to keep the strength and hope. Easier said then done. I’ll be thinking about you!


I am not really religious but I do believe there is a reason and hope, I just get so discouraged when one thing after another doesn’t work and we still aren’t pregnant… I know there is still a lot I can do though. There are days when I am completely excited and optimistic and other days where I just cry over everything…
All of my cousins except one have had new babies within the last year and it makes me so mad because they all take it for granted, they are all young and go out and party all the time and are always calling me to babysit and take there child over night, this is a daily thing with them all. I don’t think they realize how upset it makes me but ya that’s another thing that really has been bothering me lately, how could someone have a child and not care and then there are people like all of us who would absolutely love it and never take a moment for granted…
I know this was kind of all over the place but its been a rough day already today and I just needed to vent. Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have family/friends who do this as well,


I am in the same boat and it is so frustrating that they can’t figure out what is wrong with us we are young and all tests have come out fine. I have done 5 clomid cycles, 2 injectables with TI and this cycle I did follistim and ovidrel and tomorrow is my first iui and I am terrified because if this doesn’t work I move on to ivf and if that doesn’t work I am done because I will be out of insurance. :pray: tomorrow goes smooth. Good luck ladies


Unexplained diagnoses SUCKS, I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. Clomid is notorious for messing up your uterine lining, so hopefully you’ll have better luck with the injectables. I was very scared of giving myself the shots but the needles are very small and it’s not bad (and I have a needle phobia). You might also want to ask about trying an IUI cycle with Femara and Ovidril before moving on to injectables.

Just from personal experience, don’t waste too much time on IUIs if you’re not having any luck, especially if your insurance covers meds for IVF.

Good luck!


New and in need of support

Hi ladies,

I read this thread and thought it seemed fitting. This is my first time posting on any message board. I read your posts and I really empathize. I do feel we will all have our chance at motherhood, but the wait is so devastating. It is so hard to be patient when you want a baby so badly. I am in that same boat. Jedibonas, yay for boy/girl twins!!! And thanks for the advice about not wasting much time if IUI is not working. Puglove, I have my fingers crossed for you since you just did the IUI!!! Devan and Griffy 5, I am pulling for you too!

I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2008 when I was 23 (I am now 28 and my husband is also 28). My OB did an ultrasound back in 2008 when I was off BC and I had the classic ring of pearls ovaries. However, I am a regular body weight and don’t have any of the physical symptoms (no facial hair, no acne, etc). I also did not have an elevated testosterone level…just no period and small cysts on my ovaries. I also had a reverse LH to FSH level.

My husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby last summer. I went of BC in July and didn’t get a period. We went to an RE in September 2012 (this RE agreed that I have PCOS) he gave me provera to induce a period and then started me on clomid (50mg). When they did the ultrasound I only had an 11mg follicle so he put me on 150mg of clomid that I started the same day as the follicle check ultrasound. At my next ultrasound I had 3 mature follicles. I got a trigger shot and we did timed intercourse. I was not pregnant. The next cycle we did letrozole and estradiol (because the clomid thinned my lining). I had one mature follicle and we did timed intercourse, but I didn’t get pregnant. We then decided to take a break from the treatments. I went back on BC for three months (January-April) which was recommended to balance out hormones and reduce stress (I started a new job in November and one of my family members has been very ill).

We started TTC again in April 2013. I felt like I was stronger and in a better emotional space. This time my OB gave me 100mg of clomid. I didn’t grow any mature follicles that cycle so no trigger shot was given. I then got a period June 2013 (my first one ever without provera or on BC). I never got a period until I was 16 years old and started birth control. The doctor then thought it was because I was a competitive runner that was running 40+ miles a week.

My husband and I met with a different RE (my insurance changed when I got the new job so we had to switch to a new RE that is in-network). He now says he does not think I have PCOS. He thinks I have hypothalamic amenorrhea (basically it means my brain has shut down my ovaries because of stress, too much working out, or being too skinny). I have been under a lot of stress this past year because my brother is very ill, but I am 5’7 and weigh 137lbs. I am a normal weight and normal BMI. This doctor thinks I should workout less (also odd to me because I have completely stopped running and I only walk my dog and do hot yoga about 3 times a week). So I am not underweight or over-exercising in my opinion. This RE said a BMI of 25% is ideal to conceive (when I looked it up a BMI of 25% seems to be the start of the overweight category) Basically, no one seems to know what is going on. It is confusing to me that one RE said PCOS and another says hypothalamic amenorrhea. I am going back for blood work on July 8 if I have not started a period. I was told we may start letrozole and timed intercourse again in July. If this does not work, we may wait until November and do injections or IVF.

Sorry to write so much. I just needed to tell my story to people who understand. I work at a pediatric clinic for people with Medicaid. Every week I see so many infants that are born addicted to drugs or that are neglected. I see moms that are 20 year old and have multiple children that are not being loved in the way I would want to love a child. It is very hard. I have even seen moms as young as 15 years old. Last week my close friend called to tell me she “accidentally” got pregnant. I have recently been invited to two baby showers. My other closest friend is starting to try again to have her second child. I am trying to be so happy for my friends and stay positive/hopeful for myself, but it is becoming really hard. I had my first big cry over this recently. I do think I will be able to have a baby at some point. We are all on the younger side (though I am starting to approach 30 which scares me). It is just really hard. I will say a prayer tonight for all of us. Thanks for reading this! I know it is LONG!

Best of luck!!! I will be sending my good vibes to all of you!


Thank you ladies for all your support and stories! I wanted to share a great book that I have found. I am one to still make light or and try to have a good sense of humor being an “infertile” :slight_smile: It is an electronic download, you can find it off Amazon, but its called “Best of 999 reasons to laugh at infertility” GO GET IT RIGHT NOW, 3.99 I think! It has been hilarious and makes you really laugh at how crazy we can get for this! Laughable reason #14… you become a Professional Toliet paper Examiner :slight_smile: Check it out, it will make you smile. Hang in ladies!