New to all of this, starting Femara Friday...


I’m looking for any kind of insight you can provide. Here is the scoop. It’s taken me all year to get to the point where I can finally start the fertility treatments. I had to have polyps removed and was diagnosed with uterine hyperplasia. Then I had a D&C with a biopsy and all was good. So finally ‘day 1’ is here and I’ll be taking Femara days 3-7. Is there a better time to take this? Anything I should watch out for? Any advice you can offer would be amazing! Thanks in advance!


Sounds like a good plan to me! Best of luck!

I’ve been on Femara three times now, and have had zero side-effects, but nice follies.


Hi, I’m Brittni and Im starting Femare friday too! fingers crossed maybe sat. tho.


I’ve been doing Femara and I really like it. The only real side effects I have is I get tired more easily. Otherwise, I don’t notice anything. I too take it cd 3-7, I’m on 5mg/day. I have ovulated everytime except for 1 so it’s worked great for me. Hope it goes well for you and you have a BFP at the end of this cycle!!


Good Luck to everyone. I am starting Femara today and so ready!!! It seems like it takes Day 1 forever to get here. I told my husband I have never been so happy for AF to show up :woohoo: .

Wishing everyone :bfp: this month!

Me -26
DH - 29
Married Feb 07

TTC since Dec 07
Sept & Oct 10 Fertility Testing
11/12 - First round of clomid
11/18 - Follicle Scan (5 follicles 15+) decided to set out this month :frowning:
Dec - Doc decided to change me to Femara
12/11 - First round of Femara
12/18 - Follicle Scan


Oh my gosh, no kidding! Day 1 took ages for me! Good luck! I go for my follicle scan tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:


Can I join in lets get a cycling group together.

Hey ladies here is my most recent bio we got pregnant in October on femara plus some injectables and :wings: so I just started my fresh new cycle. I thought my period would never get here. I started femara on the 10th so here I am.

I really like femara it gives a nice lining and a few follies I usually take bravelle for three days or so too.

Hope you ladies have some good follies to work with this month.

We do timed intercourse and an hcg trigger as well.