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Not having a very good time right now. Been TTC our 1st child together for 16months, since we were married. I have one child, boy age 7.5 years, that I adopted internationally before being married

After having a double length cycle last year, my GYN put me on Prometrium to help restart it and regulate my cycles. that lasted 4 months and no pg still.

So we went to a specialist and I’ve done 6 cycles of 100mg Clomid now. The 1st cycle was with the standard CCT blood work. FSH was a little high at 9.3. 2nd cycle of Clomid was the HSG which was fine. 3rd cycle was DH’s SA test. All 3 cycles I had ultrasounds for monitoring and an HCG shot

DH"s results came back abnormal. concentration was low, count was slightly low and morphology was low at 5. Since my dH was drinking major caffeine at the time, it was decided we would take him off of it and have him take FertilAid, then retest in 3 months

During those 3 months I was kept on Clomid to help make sure my cycles were regular and that I ovulated. no monitoring though and no HCG. Unfortunately it turned out I developed ovarian cysts due to the Clomid. this 6th cycle of clomid last two extra weeks.

Had DH retested. then another ultrasound for me which shows my cysts are going away. we were hoping of course DH’s results would be better and if not at least the same. Nope, way off. they went down the toilet. we couldnt believe the results when they came in.

met with the specialist yesterday and he said 1 IUI was possible but didnt expect it to take. so IVF is now our choice apparently. We’re looking into possible Micro IVF out of state.

Oddly enough nothing was discussed about having my husband see a specialist to see if anything that was wrong and was easily correctible or possible just a weird test results.



alexie90, I am also surprised your RE didn’t say anything about your DH consulting a urologist. Normally, REs don’t offer advice on sperm issues because that’s not their area of expertise, but theory do advise you to consult a specialist.

My DH has MFI issues too (see my signature), and this cycle, we found possible benefits with taking supplements like CoQ10 and selenium. There are lots of studies like this one that shows that CoQ10 improves sperm motility, morphology and count. There are other supplements too that help sperm quality. Worth a try and at a few tens of dollars, MUCH cheaper than either IUI or IVF :smiley:


We have requests out to a few clinics. One here locally to us and a couple of out state. I’m actually hoping someone does state to have him either retest his SA because the results look odd or suggest him seeing a specialist of his own

The vitamin he was taking and is taking again, FertilAid, actually does contain both of those supplements you mentioned. As well as L-Caratine. Its suppose to be good for sperm health