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Hoping to find a place to share and possibly offer some words of encouragement. 1st time TTC, 30s, and frustrated. We have been trying for close to a year and within that year DH has been diagnosed with ED (etiology unknown) which makes things even more frustrating. My cycles range from 22-36 days (i have no clue when im ovulating) and just recently my cycle lasted for literally one day. It’s great because all of our diagnostic tests are WNL, but it’s still not happening… Thinking about seeing a fertility specialist soon. Thanks for letting me vent, any words of advice welcomed:

Dealing with a partner with ED?
Next steps?


:welcome: Giraffe!!

This is a great forum for support and information. Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) are a great help in the infertility journey as they usually have the most knowledge about the latest and greatest treatments. Hope you can find a good one and get some answers soon!


Thanks so much!


Taking those first steps toward getting professional assistance is hard. It’s the doorway to a journey that no woman ever wants to take… and that journey can be short or it can be the hardest one you’ll ever take. You don’t know… but once you take that first step you will find a sense of relief that you are on your way.



I am new to this as well. Just wanted you to know your not alone when it comes to having a problem with getting pregnant. My husband does not have ED, but he is disabled. So it makes for conceiving to be almost impossible. Don’t give up hope! Keep hanging in there.