New to Community! (My Story and Questions Inside)


Hello everyone!

I’m glad I found this forum as I’ve been searching for a good one. You all seem to be very active and supportive. I can’t wait to start interacting with all of you! Here is my story so far:

My husband (25) and I (26) have been trying to conceive for 9 months now. Back in December, my doctor ordered my husband to have a semen analysis and the results were, unfortunately, not very good:

[B]Semen Volume: [/B]3.4ml
[B]pH: [/B]7.2
[B]Motile:[/B] 6.1ml
[B]Motility:[/B] 56.0%
[B]Sperm Quantity:[/B] 10.9ml
[B]Motile Sperm/Ejaculate: [/B]20.7 (x10^6)
[B]Normal Oval:[/B] 4.5%
[B]Viscosity:[/B] 4.0
[B]Agglutination:[/B] 4.0

When he called with the results he requested we have a 2nd analysis done, just to be sure. My husband and I decided to wait a couple of months before having him re-tested. Starting January 4th he started taking “FertilAid for Men” and “Vitacost L-Arginine HCl & L-Ornithine” (Each 3-capsule serving provides 1,250 mg of L-arginine and 750 mg of L-ornithine). He also started wearing looser pants and switched from boxer briefs to regular boxers. Additionally, he began eating a handful of Goji berries every day. My husband was re-tested on March 12th (66 days later) and these were his new results:

[B]Semen Volume:[/B] 4.2ml
[B]pH: [/B]7.4
[B]Motile:[/B] 6.8ml
[B]Motility:[/B] 31.1%
[B]Sperm Quantity:[/B] 21.9ml
[B]Motile Sperm/Ejaculate:[/B] 28.6 (x10^6)
[B]Normal Oval:[/B] 7.5%
[B]Viscosity:[/B] 4.0
[B]Agglutination:[/B] 4.0

Besides the motility going down by quite a bit everything else got better. Could it be that the changes he’s doing and the supplements he’s taking are increasing his overall “sperm grade” or do results usually fluctuate like this?

My husband exercises regularly (3-4 times a week), eats very healthy, he doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. He’s a healthy weight for his height and has never had any injuries that would explain infertility issues. The only thing that I can think of that could have caused his poor sperm health is that ever since he was 14 he has been a fan of “skinny jeans”. I’m talking tight jeans. As he’s gotten older they got a bit looser but they were still “skinny jeans”. In fact, the brand of jeans he always wore were “Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans”! It wasn’t until January that he switched to wearing “appropriate” fitting jeans. Oh! One more thing that I recently read that could be contributing to our infertility issues is that he regularly eats canned tuna. It’s probably his “go-to” lunch choice.

Is our first option going to be IUI or will our fertility doctor prescribe things my husband can do or take that’ll help increase his “sperm grade”? Any thoughts or advise is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all so much!


I guess this forum isn’t as interactive as I thought it was :frowning:


If the motility is the issue, you can try IUI as the sperm will be placed right near the tubes. The only serious problem is if he has morphology (shape) issue which IVF is the way to go.

He can try taking supplements for 3 months and try naturally first. Don’t go into IUI before you try everything you can on your own since you guys are still young to rush into invasive treatments.


I’m sorry that you didn’t get the response that you were looking for. Male infertility questions are really a bit tricky. His overall count is pretty low but not insanely horrible. You may be able to try IUI. Your husband really needs to pbe seen by a urologist who specializes in male infertility. Working with your OBGYN or even RE isn’t quite as helpful as having him go to someone who specializes in his particular area. The viscosity is the thing that seems a little worrisome to me. I assume where it says normal oval is the same as morphology. If his morphology is really at 4 that’s not very good either. But his motility doesn’t look good. The count is pretty low BUT that might change for the better. best if luck. :slight_smile:


Oops! I meant to say that his motility doesn’t look bad. I think anything over 50 is usually considered pretty good.


I would get him to a urologist first to determine what has caused his decreased counts. That needs to be the first plan of action. With my DH we knew what caused his counts to be lower (cancer) so we knew there really wasn’t much treatment options. Once they pinpoint the reason for the decreased counts then you can explore any treatment options. Clomid works well with most men although it did not help my DH but that is because of the radiation treatment just basically zapped everything. IUI would not be out of the question as many ladies have successfully IUI’s with low counts however 3 tries did not work for us. Everyone is different. But as previously stated, I would try ‘natural’ treatments before moving to something invasive and definitely get to the root cause of the problem first. You may find that you can “fix” his issues without much treatment OR you may learn that IVF would be better. It just all depends. Best of luck to you!