New to forum...need advice!


I am new to this forum. I have been TTC for 5 years. We recently found out, after our 1st IVF attempt, that my husband has a balanced translocation. Affected are his #2 and #9. We have just finished trying our 2nd IVF cycle and I find out if I am pregnant on Wed. :pray: However, I started bleeding on Fri and still am today. :frowning: We transferred 5 embryos, so I am hoping this does not mean I miscarried all 5! We did not do PGD due to the cost. If I am miscarrying, is it better to keep trying IVF or just try on my own??? Confused & Frustrated! :grr:


:welcome: Sorry to hear about the bleeding, but, hopefully, it doesn’t mean anything. Have you miscarried before? If not, I would say that, if you miscarry this time, you would have a good chance of carrying another pregnancy to term. If you have had multiple miscarriages, the docs would probably need to look at any immune issues you might have that are preventing you from carrying the pregnancy. I’m guessing that IVF would give you a better chance of pregnancy than trying on your own, especially since you’ve been trying on your own for 5 years. This is definitely something you’ll want to bring up with your RE. Best of luck and, hopefully, you’ll find out you’re :preg: and everything will be fine!:bsv:


With 5 embryos transfered there is a good chance that you are bleeding b/c not all 5 took, but on the off chance that you do miscarry i would think that it would be better to invest the extra money into PGD (as long as you believe in it). The IVF is expensive enough i know but getting the “good” embryos in there might make the difference! GOOD LUCK!