New to forum with questions


Hi everyone!
I’m new to the forum. A little background…i had a huge fibroid last year… My ob-gyn suggested I have surgery because I was having a period that lasted for months. However, he could not get it out with the first surgery and recommended repeat transvaginal surgery. Well, I had another surgery a month later. Still couldn’t get it out…in the meantime I lost so much blood that I passed out and had to get stitches. He then put me on a 3 month lupron shot in August 2012…and scheduled an open laparotomy in September. Well, I didn’t have a period since sept due to the lupron. So a couple of weeks ago he started me on estrace and progesterone. I started my period last Thursday…and then he told me to start clomid days 5-9, and I’m on my last pill tonight. I just turned 35 and we want to have a baby as soon as possible.
Prior to the fibroid, I had normal periods. My question is, has anyone been on clomid due to lupron and/or fibroids? I’m sooo confused by all this. I have been reading the forum for the last week and most people either have Pcos or endometriosis. The lupron basically shut down my whole system…just like in menopause…horrible experience! I’m sooo extremely tired :frowning:
Any suggestions or experiences? Neither one of us have kids and we got married in the midst of all this last sept, never realizing what was in store. To say the least, last year was not a good year.
Thanks in advance


Clomid is used to stimulate the ovaries indirectly into maturing follicles. This would be warranted after they have been suppressed by the lupron so it sounds like you are in good hands.

:cross: this cycle works for you!! :babydust: :babydust: