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Hello my name is Danielle I’m new to this forum thank you for welcoming me this journey has been long for me I found out I had PCOS when I was 16 but at the time my dr told me there is no need to worry when you plan to have a family in the future it will not be a problem… Now at 30 myself and my husband are struggling to start a family, we are currently working with a well recognized invitro dr in the area and we are putting a lot of our hope and faith into him. We recently found out that my body is all good and that I can carry a child the problem is now with my husband we found out that My husband has no sperm at all which is just awful we have done bloodwork and we are hoping that they find something in my husband until then we are keeping out fingers and toes crossed.


Hello! This is a really great board. I found myself finding answers to my questions so often here I had to join. It’s a great resource.

Good luck to you and you husband!



Hey Daniellemnj,
Do not panic. There are still ways to have a baby eventhough your hubby does not have sperm. My hubby and I have experience in this situation. If you ever need information or want someone to chat with you can feel free to private message me. We have been through alot in this areaxtrying to conceive and we have a sixteen month old now… I am here to help if you want to talk about it.
Much baby dust coming your way!