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Hi everyone…just wanted to reach out and say hi…suffered through one round of Clomid with bad side effects…due to take a test on Saturday, so just waiting to see if we timed it right!!


Hi fak673

Good luck to you!

I also took the clomid for the past 5 days. I had discomforting side effects for the first 3 days - bloating, pain/soreness in the entire abdomen, constipation, excessive gas, burning while urinating and hot flashes.

On the 4th day, I started gulping down cups of warm water. I consumed about 3.4 liters of water and at the end of the day felt completely relieved of the discomfort. Did the same on 5th day and have been feeling fine since.

Of course, I am yet to see how to bothers me during ovulation!


:welcome: to the forum fak:

I too have done clomid cycles w/aweful side effects. Mostly headache, hot flashes, and fatigue for me.

When I do get constipated or dehydrated I find it useful to drink aloe juice and take fish oil (like 4-8 caps a day depending on how bad you need it). This gets things moving well and keeps me feeling good. Just thought I would share.


welcome!! crossing my fingers that you did time it right and that Saturday is a joyous day for you!! xo