New to IVF....and to the board


Hi everyone! Today is the second day of my first IVF cycle. I am waiting on the call this afternoon to see 1) if I definitely start my Follistim and Menopur tonight and 2) if so, what the dosage is. I’m really excited today (and feelings, as you guys all know, can be really fleeting during all this–today I am excited, but yesterday I cried for about 3 hours and sulked for another 2). Is anyone else about to start their IVF meds as well? Sorry if I am posting in the wrong spot. I promise I will learn quickly.

Oh, and a quick thank you to all the wonderful strong women on here who gave me strength, hope, and inspiration along the way. I may only be posting now, but I have been following these boards for almost a year, and can’t thank everyone enough for the info and insight. And for just giving me someone to relate to.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys . . .


Welcome to our forum!

I too was a stalker for a few months before joining. May you have as much support as I have received on these threads.

Good luck with your first IVF!




It’s definitely a crazy ride. The amount of knowledge you take in, coupled with emotions of it all can be overwhelming. I, too, lurked and have found everyone’s willingness to share extremely beneficial. :welcome: Best of luck to you!


Right there with you

This is my first IVF as well, and today was also my first bloodwork/ultrasound. I already started my bravelle and Menopur tonight, and things are going smoothly. I am 24, my husband 28, nothing wrong with me that we know of, my husbands sperm is very low (supposed to be 20million, he has 100,000). Looks like we will be on this roller coaster together at the same time front and center! :slight_smile:


Welcome. It’s definitely a very tough road but you’ve come to the right spot. These amazing women have helped me since I got on the Ivf train and I don’t think I would have survived the last 15 months without this board! You will learn everything you want to here. Best of luck on your jouney! :babydust: :grouphug:


Babymakesfour- :welcome:
good luck! It is a long, hard journey emotionally and financially, but so worth it in the end! Not sure if you’ve found the August IVF boards yet, but it will give you a group of women that should be somewhere around the same place in cycle that you are.