New to IVF and to the forum


Hello everyone, I am new to the whole IVF process. I do have 2 children naturally 17y and 8y from my previous marriage. Personally I have never had difficulties conceiving; however, my husband went through testicular cancer and has now been in remission for just about 6 years, and the treatments left him infertile (but we did spare some of the little tadpoles before treatment). Anyway, I joined this forum because naturally I’m a little scared. I received all of the meds last week and it is becoming very real as I will be starting the injections in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that I get lucky and only need one round of treatment, but since I’m supposedly of advanced maternal age at the ripe old age of 36, I am preparing for an uphill battle. With all that said, I just wanted to introduce myself… And hopefully people who are currently going through treatment could offer some sage advice that might calm my jitters.