New to IVF


Hi everyone!

My name is Stephanie and after 3 years I finally heard what I thought was the worst possible news… my only chance of pregnancy is through IVF.

I was on Clomid for 6 rounds. At first we expected it was anovulation due to my atypical PCOS. On round 3 of the Clomid, I was pregnant. I almost didn’t expect it. My HPT was positive and I almost fell over. I passed by to see one line and saw two. I was ecstatic, my husband was too… Then at the 6 week mark, 2 hours before my 1st ultrasound appointment, I started bleeding. U/s showed nothing in my uterus. Ectopic pregnancy that wasn’t meant to be. Kept on for 3 more cycles of Clomid. Nothing.

My doctor suggested we do a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, d/c if necessary (if bands were present from a prior non pregnancy related d/c) and chromtubation (blue dye as I call it).

Did that on 10/13/10. Found out afterward that my tubes had failed to form at my uterus. It was as if they had been cut, but they had just failed to develop. The blue dye didn’t go anywhere in my tubes and never came out of them. Useless.

Had my first appointment with my RE today. I’m in GA so I’m using FIRM out of Jacksonville. Dr. Freeman.

He’s optimistic as the only issue I have is my tubes. My uterus is beautiful, my ovaries are cute (with no cysts!) and my eggs are no problem.

He started me on b/c today and he’s hoping for a transfer the last week of November. I should have my schedule tomorrow or Friday and know exactly what I need to pay.

If the transfer is the end of November… our anniversary is the 28th, so it’s a present to ourselves.

I’m nervous. I’m accident prone and bad luck prone. Everything that can go wrong for me, usually does. I panicked every day I was pregnant for fear of a miscarriage and then it happened and it was just horrible.

I’m scared of needles, but I know I’ll have to do the shots. (OR I’ll have to convince a RN to do them for me!) Just so worried that I’m going to fail at this first round and not be able to afford a second that it’s just driving me insane.

This was a longer intro post that I had intended! Oops!

Anyway, that’s my story.

Is anyone else using F.I.R.M?


I’m sorry to hear you have to go through this - IF is such a roller coaster! To try to turn it around for you, maybe try not to think of IVF as the worst possible news you could hear. After all, wouldn’t it be worse to hear “There’s nothing you can do - you will never be a mother”? IVF is expensive, frustrating, uncomfortable, time-consuming, and absolutely worth every bit of it when you have your wonderful child in your arms. I know you’re still going through the initial shock, and give yourself the ability to grieve and be angry, but soon you’ll be able to see that IVF is not a bad thing :evilgrin: . Best wishes to you! :babydust:


I’m really excited about IVF. At first it really was such a heartbreaking moment, but when you want it so bad you can’t think of anything else… I’m ready.

I’m not ready for shots. I know I will have to and I know I will, but I can’t say I’ll enjoy it. I’m blessed to have two RN’s in my family who have both graciously offered to give me the shots.

I’m nervous and excited. I’m nervous that I’m going to get too excited and the first round fail and I’ll be heart broken. Even though I keep telling myself to stay positive. :grr:

For now I’m being positive, I want this to happen, this will happen and the rest is just the details.


That’s great that you have other RNs to help! I know this sounds weird, but I found that I actually preferred giving most of the shots to myself. That way I had the control of reacting instantaneously if something pinched or felt strange or something. But I know how daunting it is, especially when the big box of meds arrives…

I couldn’t have said it better myself - exciting is a great way to describe starting the process! (I think I misubderstood the tome of your first post, sorry) To go from having a 10-15% chance of conceiving (what I was told with my IUIs) to a >50% chance (with my IVF) was so wonderful and such a relief.

:babydust: to you! I can’t believe how soon they’re expecting you to transfer - less than 4 weeks - lucky you!