New to online boards like this


I’m new to online boards like this, so please be patient with my long winded post.

I’ve got PCOS and we all know how that makes :af: very unpredictable. However, I went and received acupuncture and since it’s regular for 2 months, which is great since it’s been au natural! Now for the scoop:

Here are my :af: cycles

March 30-31
April 30-May 1st
Spotting May 9,10,11

While I chalked all this up to PCOS tearing through my cycles again.

I’ve experienced nausea for a week straight (which passed), breast tenderness(which passed), serious cramping on and off, bloating (my pants fit a little more snug but my weight is unchanged), loss of appetite for my favorite take out meals, fatigue (passed), and now for 2 daya serious nipple tenderness. I keep getting :bfn: and I’ve taken 4 test. So what is the issue with my body? I’ve never experienced anything like this before even with all my fertility cycles. I keep thinking it’s :af: but nothing has come. About a week ago it dawned on me that maybe I was pregnant. The doctor can’t see me until the 26th and it’s super frustrating waiting. Thanks for listening to me ladies.

All this makes me feel crazy b/c my first pregnancy was text book symptom wise and now I am left wondering if it’s just the hope of being preggers again or if this really is it. After TTC multiple times the past 5.5 years it makes me wonder if I am crazy sigh