New to site - My story


Hello All - I’m new to this site and looking for support/advice.
I guess you could say our journey began Nov of 2008. My DH and I wanted to start ttc at that time however my job was up in the air so we put things on hold. May of 2009 we began trying and I got :bfp: Sept 1st. I found out on Nov 3rd, I had miscarried, had a D&C, and a week later for my check up my doc told me I had a partial molar pregnancy…educate yourself about molar pregnancies if you’ve never heard of this before, I had not and have learned a lot! More women, and men, should be aware of what molar pregnancies are. Anyway, Doc advised us to wait 6 months before trying again. In March, 2010 we wanted to start trying, couldn’t wait any longer. Month after month we have gotten :bfn: . I went back to the doc in Oct and he said to just keep trying, if I’m not pregnant by Feb he said we will look towards “help” at that time. I’m assuming he means something like Clomid, but not sure. I feel very frustrated with the many months of trying, I can’t believe it’s been over a year now since the first pregnancy. I also feel like my DH and I need to know what is going on, why isn’t it happening? Is it him? Is it me? Shouldn’t we know these things before starting a medication? Any advice, support, help would be so appreciated. DH and I keep pretty quiet about our situation. Family of course knows what happened last year but my sister is really the only one I talk to about our current frustrations of ttc.
Hope to hear from YOU soon!


The waiting is the WORST part for me! I am kind of a control freak and like to know what’s going on at every second so just waiting and wondering sure takes it’s toll on me. Have you made an appointment with an RE yet? When DH and I first started TTC we tried for a loooooong year and when nothing happened I got the referral for the RE. However, when I went to set up my first appointment they didn’t have any openings for new patients for 4 months!!! It was torture! I don’t know if you can go ahead and schedule an appointment or if you have to wait due to insurance and stuff but I’d recommend looking into it. Good luck! We all know how hard this whole process is so if you need information, or just need to vent or get support, you’ve come to the right place!