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Hi my name is Debbie and I am 43 yrs old and yearing to conceive another baby. My husband and I both feel our family is not complete yet but we also feel very blessed with the three boys we do have.

I had my boys very close in age. My first two are 13 months apart and I conceived one of them when I was 38 yrs old and another one of them when I was 39 yrs old and then I conceived my youngest at 41 yrs old. We conceived very close together and we wanted that it was planned that way

I am high risk due to the fact of my age and also I have to have serclage each time I conceive. I lost my first daughter to still birth and had a miscarriage before my first and then we lost our Middle child twin early on.

We have still yearned to have more children and we have been trying to conceive for almost 2 yrs or there of an over. We started ttc when my youngest was 6 months and he is one month going to be 3 yrs old.

We know us not being able to conceive could be my husband and I age but we also know a year ago my husband had to have two stents placed back to back so it could be his sperm was not replenished yet. We just are not sure.

We went to specialist and they talked to us about all type of options. We decided to not go with IVF we felt with having three boys it would be selfish for us to do that. The other option was Clomid but we did not know at that time and we never went back to that specialist.

The Local OB would not touch with me prescribing Clomid due to me being high risk. So my husband and I took the matter of purchasing clomid into our own hands. You can access it without a prescription. I am very nervious. I started it yesterday. I hope all works out. I am only going to try with clomid for like three months and if it does not happen I just need to put it in Gods hands but I so dearly want to conceive again


Just Checking in

Hi Debbie… I was wondering how your first round of Clomid went. I am in the same boat. I have a beautiful almost 4 year old daughter also high rish due to my “advanced Maternal age” I just turned 44 Sunday. Purchased some Clomid that I am due to start tomorrow and I am both excited and nervous.